About Us

    DONGGUAN ZHONGRUI MACHINERY CO .,LTD since its inception in 2006, has always insisted explore innovative and pragmatic development of the concept, in the long-term support of our customers and all the joint efforts of all my colleagues in Sweden, has become more scale professional manufacturer of food machinery one vendor.

    DONGGUAN ZHONGRUI MACHINERY CO .,LTD Adhere to specific, focused, professional market concept, boldly introducing advanced foreign technology to meet customer needs, providing high quality professional services and sophisticated equipment. Now, all Swiss products have been sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East and other places, the majority of customers. Focus Swiss machinery development, and manufacturing & ldquo; congregation Swiss & rdquo; series of bread rounding machine, moon cake automatic molding machine, steamed buns pinch flowers, multifunction automatic bag filling machines, two-way open crisp, high-speed wobble plate machine, bread production line, bread Auto Wobble line, bun production line, bread production line, vertical to the filling machine, horizontal to the stuffing and other food machinery, has been to uphold the tradition of China's leading food manufacturing machinery for the goal. & nbsp;

    Believe our joint work together and support of our customers, all the Swiss company will provide you with more quality, advanced equipment and perfect services in the future, all the Swiss will be better tomorrow.

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