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Automatic scheduling disk drive

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Our company produces the high speed of the machine to use MITSUBISHI control system, Double servo operation, Using the German original enfermo photoelectric, maximum operating speed of up to 300 per minute, and placed a number, free to modify parameters (the number of columns and rows ), automatically put the product in the pan,
Specifications are 400*600 400*720 460*720 600 * 400 etc., special specifications can be customization, optional direction, adjustable height, control system comes with memory function, memory of 100 kinds of products of different settings of parameters, production directly transferred to you can use, convenient and quick can match with all models of peers and the company. Fits the hand torn bread, French bread, sweet bread, hamburger, cookies, dried meat floss bread, cakes, and other products of automation wobble plate, also can with supporting automated production lines, to help customers achieve a fully automated production, customers can provide pan size, can save a lot of artificial, so as to reduce the production cost, Bring good economic benefits to the enterprise.
    Scope of application: applicable to large and medium-sized manufacturers and cake production.

Technical Parameters

Model Produce Ability Operating Voltage Power Overall Weight Dimensions
ZR-598 40-300个/分钟 220V 2.5kw 500kg 2300*2060*1680mm
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