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Crispy Bread Production Line

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This machine main to make crispy hand-tear bread.Three times rolled、thinned、kneaded the pre-made

crispy dough.The product more beautiful and good tasted.Match with automatic tray arranging machine

to automatic production,Usually work with multi-layer crispy machine .


Technical Parameters:

Model Product weight Capacity Voltage Power Roller width Weight Size
ZR-398A 30-300g/pcs 50-280pcs/min 220V 4.5KW 80-300mm 1200kg 7580*1230*1520mm



1.Whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel ,food grade standard.

2.Rolled、thinned and shaped dough sheet 2 or 3 times.ensure the dough sheet glossy and tough .make

the products with good tasted.

3.High quality heavy-duty castors,not easy to be worn out .

4.Heavy duty connector.To ensure machine work is stable.

5.Products size uniform,glossy and beautiful.

6.High quality imported electronic components.



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