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Round Bread Production Line

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This machine main to make round bun bread and hamburger,products size can be adjusted.

With high speed.good taste with beautiful surface.

Technical Parameters:

Model Product weight Capacity Voltage Power Roller width Weight Size
ZR-398 10-150g/pcs 28-150pcs/min 220V 4KW 80-300mm 800kg 5030*1230*1520mm


1.Whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel ,food grade standard.

2.Rolled、thinned and shaped dough sheet 2 or 3 times.ensure the dough sheet glossy and

tough.make the products with good tasted.

3.With high speed,The highest productive capacity reached 150pcs/min.

4.Imported macromolecule blade.Japan shaped technique.not easy to be worn out.Delicate

shaped pattern blade. Products shape close to handmade.

5.Products size uniform ,glossy and beautiful.

6.Pattern blade no need lubricated.Make the products clean and tidy .

7.High quality imported electronic components.

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