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Automatic Tray Arranging Machine

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This machine is to arranged bread、pastry、hamburger、mooncake on the baking trays

automatically.Arranged quantity adjustable.Arranged row and column adjustable.Arranged

cross and vertical direction adjustable.The height of the conveyor belt adjustable.The standard

baking tray size is 400*600、400*720、460*720、600*400mm and so on.More size can be

customized.The highest speed reached 300pcs/min.Main suitable for large or medium scale

bakery manufacturers.

Technical Parameters:

Model Material Capacity Voltage Power Weight Size
ZR-598 304 SS 300pcs/min 220V 2.5KW 350kg 2300*2060*1680mm


1.Whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel ,food grade standard.

2.With high speed,The highest speed reached 300pcs/min.Save labor and cost,Improve economic


3.Memoried control system.It can stored about 100 different kinds of products parameters.

4.Arranged quantity 、direction、rank adjustable.Baking tray size customized according to customer's

sample and requests.

5.High quality imported electronic components.

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